Bar Olympics with a spin

Pub Wars.

Test your skills at some of the old favourite pub games and some new ones you’ve never heard of. Kick off with an easy game of draughts or frog racing, get a bit more heated up with table foosball or pool (depending on venue) master the skills of bar skittles and see if you can hit the top score in darts. Good old fashioned interactive fun.

On arrival you will be welcomed by our amiable Pub owner and his staff who will divide you into your pre-selected teams. We begin with a traditional general knowledge pub quiz. We include a music section with clips from classic movies and number 1 hit related tracks. On completion of the quiz, the games begin. This is all subject to change as per client’s request.

Over the next few hours you and your team will participate in the ultimate pub Olympics challenge. Like drunken masters of the ages you must get your team in the mind set to ‘WIN’ and succeed in the challenges set to you. Each member of your team must find a member of an opposing team to play against, follow the rules of the games and beat your opponent. When the barman calls ‘time’ your scores will be tallied up and the winning team is presented with the highly accredited Pub Challenge Cup.

pub wars post 1
pub wars post 2
pub wars post 3

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