Gautrain Challenge

Discover Joburg at 160km/h

Gautrain Challenge

It is all about time management, quick thinking and creativity.

This event is based on the Amazing Race as seen on Television, with a few slight design changes.

Teams will have to keep their eyes open to find the wandering points, sell and market our mystery item, help strangers and gather information. Tasks are placed at specific stations but you will have to find the secret spot to earn those points. Teams will have to negotiate prices, delays and potentially bad weather in order to arrive on time.

It is fun, informative and educational, especially if you are new to the Gautrain system, and it can be quite the rush travelling at 160km/per hour trying to find answers, figure out clues and beat the clock. Although this is a race, your team will not necessarily win if they arrive back first. The teams will get points for all completed challenges and creativity and definitely earn bonus points for arriving first. By having this scoring system we accommodate all fitness levels and disabilities without any team being at a disadvantage thereof.

Our facilitator will brief the teams and hand out your all-important team race bags with all the essentials to get you through the race.

Our “Pay it Forward” challenge is a new addition and your company’s opportunity to give back to the community!

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